Working with The Elephant Project, we will help them create a safe, secure place where elephants live in peace by fostering an environment through innovative corporate, government, and non-profit partnerships, where protecting elephants and ensuring their protection produces prosperity for the people. This solution based on free and fair market principles will prove that ensuring the safety and security of an elephant is more valuable to governments, communities, and the people than a dead one.

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The Elephant Project will help promote a humane economy within host countries through the investment of substantial resources in the sanctuary, the communities surrounding the sanctuary, the building of research facilities, and the building of facilities to support those wishing to visit, work, and live in and near the sanctuary.

Additionally, the development will generate revenue for the host country from the individuals who are part of this effort. Through this effort, the host country will see tremendous economic gains - increase in jobs, higher wages, skills training, better educational opportunities, and the funding of important infrastructure projects.